Proofreading and Editing, the path now taken.

As a writer, I like to think that I have a good command of my native language as well as any talent the Fates may have sent my way.

There are those who have become a writer, having studied language and grammar & have got to grips with all necessary punctuation.

Most people who claim the title writer are less technically minded and some, a scant few perhaps, write more from pure instinct, than by learned technical skill.

I have written since my late teens and have always considered myself an artist and as such would often make the excuse that if I wanted to be that technical, when it came to English, I would have become a teacher instead.

Realising the folly in my past excuses and the very real need to improvement my abilities and hone my existing skills, I have enrolled on a Proofreading & Editing course.

I know that studying these two subjects will make me a much better writer. Not in an imaginative sense I grant you, but in a clear and more precise way and to a far more readable degree.

As a writer I want my reader to enjoy my work and the better the presentation and end product, the more chance I will have of securing their loyalty and future readership.

Being a writer, is not the lonely profession some would have it. It is partnership, for without the reader, we are nothing but self expression.written on a page. It is my opinion that I owe it to my readers, both current and future, to constantly improve the quality of my work.


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