Writing and communicating in a New York minute


 Image courtesy of Damian Brandon at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

.There are those writers who give would be wordsmiths the advice

“Stay off the internet and write, don’t go online and talk about it.”

Doing this might work for someone who is very established and well known, but not for the rest of us. If we don’t interact with people, we lose in a very real sense.

If we are not ‘out there’ Tweeting, Face-Booking, Blogging and Linkin-in, we’re invisible. Like it or not the world has become expectant of cyber contact.

All this is a two-way street. If we want to write something worth reading, we need to be able to attract readers in the first place.

Being a recluse and spending years writing ‘that’ novel, will not help your longevity in the modern global economy.

That now much hackneyed phrase ‘The New York Minute’ has become something of a reality. People are now expected to interact, respond and reply with speed and greater accuracy than ever before.

The question is, can we keep up? The answer to that, is we had better try our best, because right behind us is another writer, coming up fast.

The situation reminds me of the old Hollywood Western movies. The fastest gun would always be looking over his shoulder, not just for the smart kid, but for the old hand who was just that little bit faster.


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