Resist the red-line

Glasses on book PR Hilton

As you type in most word processors, webpages and email clients, the spellchecker highlights errors with the thin red line. Most people catch these mistakes as they go along, stopping and starting, until they reach the end of the page. Working this way gives people a sense of proofreading and editing on the go. However it is a trade-off and the results can be very poor. Let me explain. When you are in the mood for writing, whether creative or more mundane, you have a natural flow and if you stop and start, that flow is stopped and started and can become weak. Writing from start to finish is conducive to true creativity. Working in this way allows for the maximum output. It is easy to run back over the text and correct any errors after the piece is written. It is a mistake to think that working, editing and proofreading as a single process produces anything other than an inferior version of what could have been created.


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