Digital Hoarding; the Unseen Menace

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We see so much in the media concerning hoarding and hoarders these days, People filling up their homes with far too much stuff in order to compensate for less than perfect lives.

It’s very common to joke about having a messy desk and work area being fine, so long as you know where everything is.

The reality is somewhat different. You don’t have to be a member of the neat police to know that tidy spaces are more relaxing and easier to work in.

With the digital age it is so easy to have a spacious home with room to breathe and have a huge collection on digital storage.

The problem is that having is one thing, but needing and being able to use, is quite another.

When a hoarder has been helped to de-clutter, they will often be heard to say, how each layer removed is like another weight lifted from their shoulders.

The mind is far from simple and just being aware of a digital hoard, such as thousands of music, movies, text and images files, can also weigh heavy.

Out of sight is not out of mind at all. Just because the desk, room and home or office is tidy, does not mean all is as it should be.

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. The modern digital age allows us to do what a few short years ago would have been impossible.

You are now able to own and store entire runs of magazines and comics, movie collections and full TV series.

The freedom is wonderful and the advantages great. However it is too easy to store something because it is available and might come in handy one day.

Having a larger collection or a digital archive is one thing, but having endless files tossed into folders and forgotten when the next cool thing is acquired, is pointless.

Keeping digital files should be about clarity and ease of use. It should be about having the ability to find a given file within a very short time.

A collection or archive becomes a digital hoard when it is uncared for. Too many people spent time collecting and no time organising.

The easy way out of this problem, is to spent time checking files and folders and moving files, making new folders and renaming others.

Deleting duplicate files can often save space and this makes it easier to see what is there. Get a filing system in-place. They’re used because they work.

And yes this is the voice of experience. I had a huge digital hoard at one time. I still enjoy having archives, but now I only keep things of interest and everything is to hand.

I learned the hard way. It took me a long time and I was amazed at how many duplicate files and images I had. My choice of folders made little sense.

Making simple changes, deleting files which would never be needed and placing others in areas which made sense, gave me the ability to be in control.

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2 responses to “Digital Hoarding; the Unseen Menace

  1. My sister is a hoarder. It is sad. I always wonder the psychology behind hoarding. I know you said less than perfect lives but I think there is more to this than meets the eye. I am the opposite. Used to be a neat freak but now I am organised in cleaning my files on my computer like you said deleting what you don’t need. I look at my files and see that I really don’t need any of them taht I can go retrieve similar if not the same info. Be welll


    • I agree with you. There are as many reasons for hoarding, as there are people hoarding. I wanted to show the connection, but it wasn’t my intention to illustrate my point with a glib classification of those who hoard under a one-size fits all banner. I also find this condition a sad one and my heart goes out to those suffering with this and to their families and friends. I do think that many of us are in one camp or the other and that it doesn’t take much for things to get out of control. Any extremes can be unhealthy. Thank you for your very welcome comment. A pleasure, as always. Phil


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