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If you’re a writer, write.

Wrtier PR Hilton

I have been away from my blog for a while and can only offer the excuse that I’ve been working. As a writer I have been working hard on two different projects and other things has been allowed to slide away into the distance.

It strikes me as funny that so many people who consider themselves writers, spend the majority of their time and energy talking about writing.

I used to belong to a number of writing forums and enjoyed writing and responding to various posts. The times we would talk about what we were going to write and when, but in fact we were just writing forum posts.

Writers block. The amount of times I have used this excuse is embarrassing and it is really an excuse. If I can’t think of what to write next, I need to do one of a number of things.

I need to take a break. Do more research to pinpoint deficiencies in my work? Plan ahead. Begin something else and get stuck into that, until the muse returns.

I know deadlines take no prisoners, but often it isn’t deadlines we face as writers, it’s our own vulnerability. It is too often more about our own fragile emotional state and fears of rejection than about writing as an art form.

Writing is an art and like all art, should be done because of need and drive and not to either make money or fill a niche. Purpose written work is all too often sterile, lacking the raw edges of true creation.

I have spend years using excuses and blaming everything under the sun for stopping me from writing, when the truth is I was stopping me. I am now busy all the time. I go from project to project and am constantly full of ideas.

It is true that my online social life has suffered, but my work output has gone through the roof. I have stopped talking about writing and am often too busy writing to talk and that has to be a good thing, right?

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