Not writing can be such a good thing for a writer to do.

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I often say that writing is so important if you’re a writer, well you should be writing. However, just for a moment I want to talk about another very important aspect of the writing process.

This is a thing which is true for me and I imagine is also true for so many other people as well. After a good writing session, I find I need a certain time away from the process.

Writing is in my opinion a very organic process, it grows in stages and during the process there is a series of incubation periods needed to further develop germinating ideas.

Being forced to sit and hammer away at the keyboard from start to finish, for me, is like setting myself up to fail.

I write for a set time and then I walk away and do something different, read, watch tv, go for a walk. Anything to break my state and halt the thinking process.

By doing this I find that on my return to the writing, not only is it easier, but it has moved on in a very hard to explain sense.

Somehow the time spent away works its magic in an unconscious manner. How? To be honest I don’t have a clue, but working this way enables me to keep the work fresh.

Hemingway said that he walked away from his writing, when he still had something to say, knowing that he could step back in and continue with ease. Not an exact quote, but this conveys the meaning of his method.

If you work in a nonstop fashion and it’s not working for you, why not try walking away and giving the work room to grow, before sitting back down?


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