Focus and persistence, the two keys to success

Glasses on book PR Hilton

Successful writing is more about habit and less about amazing talent and inspired creativity. Not to say that talent and creativity are not needed, because they are.

The most amazingly talented writer with an endless flow of ideas will achieve nothing, unless they are able to focus their attention on the work at hand.

It is said that we become that which we focus on. Or to put it another way if we spend time and effort concentrating on one thing, that thing will dominate our time and our mind.

If we choose to focus on our writing and give it our full attention, our entire world becomes the writing just for a time.

If we choose to apply this method of sharp intensive focus on our writing day after day, we cannot fail to produce work.

The majority of writers who fail or in too many cases, never finish pieces are missing the fact, that in the race that is writing, it isn’t a sprint, but a marathon and only those who can focus and stay the distance will succeed.


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