The writer or the writing?


I find it something of a puzzle when I read all of the intimate details of some writer’s lives, spilled across the pages of their blogs.

To my mind a reader wants art and is interested in the process of that creation, but only up to a point.

When is enough enough, concerning the personal life of a writer? Does a reader really want to know what food a writer had for lunch?

Is t important to a reader, if the writer feels unwell or has writers block or any other problem. Health problems are a popular topic used by a number of writers and would be writers.

To my way of thinking there has to be a point where privacy takes over from art. If not are we attracting readers or those who are only interested in our daily lives?

If a writer blogs about an ailment or health issue, there is a serious risk of attracting a  readership interested in the issues chronicled and not the expressive art form being advertised.

Those who want to read what a writer had for breakfast, are not true readers, but are instead people wishing to experience life through another person.

I wouldn’t expect my personal life would interest anyone who is engaged in living their own life. I write to express my ideas, thoughts and opinions and all from the perspective of my working day as a writer.


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