Run for cover…No wait, that’s my cover

Question of Honour 3d

Today is a great day for my book, as my brand new cover just arrived from Angie my designer. During the past six months or so, the cover has changed in so many ways. Even at the stage when I sent in my version of a mock-up just a few days ago, things were very different.

I would strongly advise anyone out there who is pouring there everything into a book, to stop before you decide to create your own cover.

Now I can make banners, change images for my website and such. In fact I’m quite good at doing this, but when it comes to a piece of art, my talent is sadly lacking.

Make no mistake a book cover, like a painting, is a piece of art and the fate of a book’s sales can hang on the reader’s first impression of a cover.

For this reason, I decided to leave the creation of my cover to a fellow creative with the right skill set. As a designer, I’m a good writer.

The finished cover was very different from the way I had seen it in my mind’s eye. The finished work, was so much better than anything I could have produced.


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