Why I think size isn’t really that important

Glasses on book PR Hilton

These days so many people judge a new book by its weight and thickness, before even looking at the blurb.

Before the 1980s, books were so much thinner page-wise, but often weightier in a prose sense.

If you look at the page count for many modern classic books from before 1985, you’ll see many come in at page counts 200 and below.

I write in an organic sense, my stories grow and evolve and I feel as though I’m more a narrator than a creator.

I write a story and when it is finished, that’s where the book ends. I don’t want to insult my reader by padding out my books with added chapters, just for the sake of a higher page count.

I have a short story collection in the wings and I know that this will be much thicker, but that is a very different creature.

The Harry Royle thrillers are by nature a nod to the past, perhaps what could be termed British Noir, if such a thing exists.

The stories are written, I hope, in a way that does not make them too modern, but instead allows them to fit into a vintage crime framework.

As an author, I know where I’m coming from. However, it is for the reader to decide if I’ve hit the mark or not.




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