Why writers fear being published

Glasses on book PR Hilton

The title of this blog may sound messy and perhaps a little out there, but stick with me and all will hopefully become clear.

Whenever a writer is mentioned in conversation, whether by fellow writers, would be writers or readers, the word rejection is often heard.

It is a well-known fact that writers, authors, poets and so on, all fear the sting of rejection and it does sting.

A less well-known fact is that a great many of the above also fear being published. Wait a minute, did I write that correctly?

Yes, fear of publication is very real, let me explain. Anyone can write, really, if you string words together, you’ve written a sentence.

Write a few sentences and you have a paragraph and keep that up and you might just have a book. Yes, you’re a writer.

A published writer is something very different. Why? Because, once your work has been published, it is available for all to see.

Publication exposes you, makes you vulnerable and suddenly different from all of the others, who would rather like to be published someday.

So often, an unpublished writer will fear the exposure that will come with publication and this can block creativity.

The thing is if you do get into print people may not like what you right, but what if they do? What if people fall in love with the worlds your words create?

Life is a risk. Not taking risks. is like not living, so here’s to life.




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