A little and often

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This is my best answer, to a question I am often asked, concerning how best to finish a writing project. The biggest single contributing factor in writing success, is being consistent.

Yes, you can write twelve hours a day if you want and if your circumstances allow such things, for the rest of us, it is more snatched moments, stolen from an otherwise full life.

It is all very well giving your all for a week or two, but if after that you have a tendency to drift off to pastures new, your project will never see completion. Far better to work in short periods on a regular basis, because working this way can and does get the job done.

Try every day

I try to write every day. Notice the word ‘try?’ Some day’s life gets in the way, I have a day job and family. But, most days I succeed, if only for an hour or two and it’s that which grows over time and ends with completed projects or books.

Now, I’m not talking here about deadlines, because if you have one of those, you had better stick to it, or else face the consequences. No, I’m talking about writing something which until it’s done is nothing more than a personal thing.

My best piece of advice if you want to write is simple, write.


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7 responses to “A little and often

  1. This what I’m doing and agree wholeheartedly! Though I may only write a few hundred words a night it’s a lot more than wishing I was writing and as a result everyday feels a little bit easier than the last in terms of writing. 👍👍👍

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    • That’s sometimes all we can do, but it is still better than not writing anything. I used only write bad short stories and could never believe that I would be able to write a novel. I did get there and now I also write better short stories, or so I’m told 🙂 Writing is not the easy ride so many people imagine,. The reality is that it can be painful and soul-destroying in the sense that it leaves you raw. It gets worse once you unleash it on the world of course. I think at every step of the writing journey, the only secret is to keep chipping away at the typeface. So nice to meet you.

      PS. Do I call you 2cats? Please call me, Phil 🙂


      • Hi Phil, yes the key is motivation and to get over all the demons in your head that want you to stop writing. My name is Tan. Whichever name is easier when typing I guess!


      • Hi Tan, the demons are always there, trust me. While I was writing my first book they were there in the background. Once I published it, they jumped onto my should and whispered that I was wasting my time and all that kind of rubbish. We need to be strong and believe in ourselves. Sometimes friends and family can be not as supportive as they think they are. The best thing to do, is to get to know others who are on the same journey. This way we get to spur each other on and the journey becomes a lot more fun. Oh we also need a good healthy sense of humour, well I find that helps a lot :), Cheers, Phil

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  2. Good advice 🙂 I totally agree 👍

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