Finding Your Voice

Wrtier PR Hilton

The term finding your voice, is heard so often in writing circles, as to make it almost hackneyed in its use as a favourite go to for those wishing to dispense writing advice to the novice author.

The only problem with this advice, so often found in the plethora of self helps and how to guides, is that rarely do you find a solid description of just what this fabled and obviously much sought after thing is, the voice.

Put in plain English, The Voice, is literally a unique writing style which captures an individual writer’s unique personality. Your voice, once found will be as unique as you are yourself.

A mistake new writers all too often make, I know that I did this, is to attempt to capture a specific writing style. It’s not that the writer is trying to copy another, but be like them, as a voice they admire.

The result of this can and often does result in a poor writing style stripped bare of any personality and depth. I know when I began back, to give you an idea I was typing using an old Royal typewriter, believing myself to be a cross between Hemingway and Buchan, who? Never mind…

I was told in no uncertain terms that my writing came across as somewhere between Barbara Cartland and selection of Victorian authors, names, too numerous to mention. I was hurt, offended.  How could someone say such things? Well, perhaps, because it was perfectly true.

So, what is the big deal about this Voice and where does it hide? The answer is tricky, because it hides in plain side. Yes, it’s one of those…

Finding your true voice, is as simple as relaxing when you write and trying to inject a reasonable reflection of the way you speak in conversation, without the umms and arrrs and much repeated phrases. Yes, it’s a lot like film, tv and play dialogue, in that it gets the message across strong and clear, but is better than real-life conversation, because of its clarity.

Finding a true voice and it does sometimes take time, not a thing which can be taught. There are no templates or voice engine software available. No, it is a thing which only comes from being yourself as you are writing. Speaking of writing, you do need to be constantly writing, if you want to find your own writer’s voice.


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