Hello, welcome to my blog.

I’m an Amazon Top One Hundred Best Selling Author in the Crime category.

Author of the best-selling crime novel A Question of Honour.

Author of  A Code of Conduct.

As a writer, I find writing about myself about as exciting as watching paint dry. To my mind, it’s a little like either coming across as the most egotistical person on the planet or a complete waste of space.

Hopefully, I’m a slightly more balanced, warm and cuddly sort of guy. At various times my wife Raine, partner in crime and full-time Muse, has called me a Teddy bear (I kid you not) a wolf and even an oak tree, not because I’m that chunky, thank you.

Away from writing, I’ve worked in various areas and experienced a lot of what life has to offer. For many years, I was an entertainer and I enjoyed the stage, the work, and the people, but in the end it was always about writing.

I’ve written all kinds of things, including plays for stage and radio, web copy, articles for E-mags and print and so much in-between. I’ve studied journalism and at one time wrote and taught courses for an online journalism and writing college.

 At heart, I’m an author and have had a book series on the back burner for too many years to mention. In the end, I had to bite the bullet and get on with it or else stop kidding myself.

I would love to give credit to the author, so please do get in touch, if you know who wrote the following piece.

‘When you buy a book from an author, you’re buying more than a story.  You are buying numerous hours of errors and re-writes. You are buying moments of frustration and moments of sheer joy. You are not buying just a book, you are buying something they delight in sharing, a piece of their heart, a piece of their soul… a small piece of someone’s life.’

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