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Twelve Shards of Glass FREE Kindle Book. This weekend only

Twelve Shards of Glass PR Hilton Small

A collection of short stories tied together by the central theme of glass in all its myriad forms. I see the collection as more fragments of a stained glass window. With each being a single piece, jagged or smooth, but complete only in its association with the macro-cosmic whole.
With the stories there is light and shade, twist in the tale and comedic. Depending on mood and taste, you will find something to savour within the pages of this collection. Each story looks at the human condition and how it is reflected in our emotions.
Each of the following stories was written specifically for this collection.

The woman who looked through a telescope
An executive sent to attend a conference from London, checks into a seaside hotel. What she finds in the sea changes not only her own perceptions, but her entire life. A tale which offers an insight into what can happen, if we allow ourselves to stop being so sophisticated and learn to relax, wonderful things can take place.

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An unexpected inheritance leads a man to not only learn of his past, but in doing so, discover his future in the process. A twist in the tale story

The Lasts Drops
A group of ceremonial magicians conjure up a demon during a ritual. When the thing is banished, something remains in its place and this has implications for the whole household. This is a dark comedy with a nod to Hammer Horror.

The Goldfish Bowl
Five strangers are trapped in a glass elevator and while awaiting rescue, discover that often it’s more how we view things, than how those things really are which counts. A cautionary tale about how easy it is to base our lives on our habits and assumptions.

Keep your eye on the ball
A serious accident gives an angry man a chance for more than he ever dreamed possible, including his own spiritual and emotional redemption. A story of not only possibilities, but also of love.

The Glass Bell
An old priest discovers an ancient glass bell and believing it to be a gift from heaven, has it set in a bell tower. However, when the bell rings, something comes in answer and it isn’t an angel. This story is my take on The Lovecraft mythos.

The John Trail
A woman gets more than she bargained for, when she orders new double glazed windows for her old house. This is a comedy played out across the backdrop of Britain during The 1980s.

Here’s looking at you
Set during the 1930s. A woman racing driver and general all round daredevil appears to have a charmed life. Who is the mysterious woman she sees in the mirror? A classic twist in the tale type of story.

The moving glass
Newlyweds host a house warming and find the addition of a Ouija board offers far more than just party games. A supernatural tale with a twist.

The Night Shift
Two men who dislike each other find a common bond in a nemesis in the shape of a woman, who is even more threatening to their status as men’s men than was their imagined feud. A comedic tale which looks honestly at how men have a habit of seeing themselves as legends in their own minds. It also looks at how friendships are so often found in unlikely places.

The magician’s assistant
A magician’s new assistant finds herself trapped inside a living nightmare unable to wake up. This is a psychological tale with a twist.

The White Room
A sculptor meets a 60s Hippy in a mysterious white room and learns the truth about art, his life and the secret of living in the moment. This is a story about how each moment in life really can be a perfect moment, if only we take the time to see and experience it.

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Coming up for air

Twelve Shards of Glass PR Hilton Small

What a good feeling it is to finish something. Last night I saw my first short story collection published, Twelve Shards of Glass. The feeling, as always is one of both sadness and elation.

A part of me gets used to being around the work in question and then suddenly that relationship changes and I have a different kind of relationship.

I’m very excited about this collection of stories because I think writing these for the book and with having a set theme in mind, connections with glass, I have been able to use different writing styles, as well as light and shade.

As an author, I’m all too often judged by the work at hand, as to my ability.  This of course is nonsense, as we can all turn our hands to different things, if we’re offered the opportunity.

Many of the stories have a twist in the tale and all are perfect coffee break short reads.

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Stories with a twist

Twelve Shards of Glass PR Hilton Small

I have always loved those short stories with a sting in the tail. Even when I was young, I couldn’t get enough of them, the more I read, the more I felt a deep hunger for more.

Down the years, I must have read thousands, considering I started in the 1970s. Not so long ago I realised that in all that time, considering I’ve been a writer for thirty years or so, in that time I have only ever written one or two myself.

It is for this reason that I decided that it was high time that my own fund of tales came out into the light.

I have had so many great story ideas, which just don’t have enough substance for a full-length book.

Having recently worked on two novels and another in the pipeline, working on these short stories for my Twelve Shards of Glass collection, seems like a blast of fresh air.

The sheer bliss of being able to sit down and work within a smaller, yet perfect environment, with no chapter  cross checking to worry about.

It is often said that The Short Story, as a work of fiction is very different from The Novel, well as a writer of both, I disagree.

I know this is only my opinion and I do honestly offer it, as only that. I consider the short form to be in essence a microcosm of the novel’s macrocosm.

Both forms can offer the same truth, depth, scope and vision, but one in miniature. The short form could be a portrait, up close and personal while the long form is the landscape opening up wider possibilities. Just my thoughts.



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FREE Kindle Book

Question of Honour 3d

Happy New Year to all of my blog and Twitter friends. My novel A Question of Honour is FREE to download for the next 5 days only. Why not grab your copy now.



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The book is finished, now comes the work

I am now on my third round of proofreading and editing. It is such a funny thing; I have always thought that writing a book was where the work was involved; now I’m seeing a different picture.

Having spent my time working on articles, scripts and web copy, the process is much quicker and to the point. However

A novel is something very different. I feel like it has been a long labour and at last the day of the birth is in sight.

Of course once the proofing and editing is finished and a cover and the book is out there, that really will only be the beginning.

Next will come the marketing and advertising. The endless work involved in putting the book in front of as many interested readers as possible.

Hard work Yes, but also the most wonderful fun too.

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Focus and persistence, the two keys to success

Glasses on book PR Hilton

Successful writing is more about habit and less about amazing talent and inspired creativity. Not to say that talent and creativity are not needed, because they are.

The most amazingly talented writer with an endless flow of ideas will achieve nothing, unless they are able to focus their attention on the work at hand.

It is said that we become that which we focus on. Or to put it another way if we spend time and effort concentrating on one thing, that thing will dominate our time and our mind.

If we choose to focus on our writing and give it our full attention, our entire world becomes the writing just for a time.

If we choose to apply this method of sharp intensive focus on our writing day after day, we cannot fail to produce work.

The majority of writers who fail or in too many cases, never finish pieces are missing the fact, that in the race that is writing, it isn’t a sprint, but a marathon and only those who can focus and stay the distance will succeed.

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The writer or the writing?


I find it something of a puzzle when I read all of the intimate details of some writer’s lives, spilled across the pages of their blogs.

To my mind a reader wants art and is interested in the process of that creation, but only up to a point.

When is enough enough, concerning the personal life of a writer? Does a reader really want to know what food a writer had for lunch?

Is t important to a reader, if the writer feels unwell or has writers block or any other problem. Health problems are a popular topic used by a number of writers and would be writers.

To my way of thinking there has to be a point where privacy takes over from art. If not are we attracting readers or those who are only interested in our daily lives?

If a writer blogs about an ailment or health issue, there is a serious risk of attracting a  readership interested in the issues chronicled and not the expressive art form being advertised.

Those who want to read what a writer had for breakfast, are not true readers, but are instead people wishing to experience life through another person.

I wouldn’t expect my personal life would interest anyone who is engaged in living their own life. I write to express my ideas, thoughts and opinions and all from the perspective of my working day as a writer.

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